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M.A.C Electric Cool Eye Shadow Swatches

I love the new Electric Cool Eye Shadows from M.A.C they have gorgeous high pigmentation with 12 colours to choose from. The formula is soft and glides on easily. The swatches are below:


Be warned the colours are selling out very fast, get yours now!

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M.A.C Heavenly Creature – Cremesheen Glass & Lipstick Swatches

M.A.C Heavenly Creature cremesheen glass and Lipstick swatches, a few swatches were unavailable due to them been out of stock. Which were:

Cremesheen Glass – Galaxy Rose

Lipstick – Pleasureseeker , Cut A Caper , Venus and Firesign.

The rest are swatched below:

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MAC Hey, Sailor! Colour Swatches & Reviews

Hiya all,

So I’ve finally had the time to go get you some new swatches and have a look myself at the Hey,Sailor! collection.  For those that haven’t seen this collection yet Here’s what MAC says:

” Set sail this summer with a colour collection inspired by the glam of vintage pin-up girls. Go overboard with the never-ending colours of Pro Longwear Lip Pencils, Zoom Waterfast Lash, Lipglass and more! Limited Edition.”

In all honesty I thought I would fall in love with this collection but it has to be said its not the best collection I’ve seen brought out. There are a few key pieces I would recommend getting but there don’t seem to be any that you couldn’t live without.  I’ll start with what I haven’t swatched as you can probably guess what didn’t get swatched was either not worth it or not available.

  • Hey, Sailor! Powder Blush : Launch Away & Fleet Fast – Neutral blushes in funky packaging not worth it.
  • Hey,Sailor! Suntints SPF20 Liquid Lip Balm : Sea Mist, Au Rose & Abalone – Not a fan of these in any collection I find them too sticky.
  • Hey, Sailor! High-light Powder : Crew – Almost no colour
  • Zoom Waterfast Lash – Waterfast Black
  • Hey, Sailor! Pigment : Old Gold & Naval Blue – I think these are completely duplicable.
  • Hey, Sailor! Nail Lacquer : Vestral White & Touch Of Red – Vestral White is a wash out but Touch of Red is very nice buildable colour.

Okay with those out of the way lets start with the swatches. Here is a swatch of the Lipglasses I apologise it isn’t the greatest of pictures Ive got but it does give you an idea:

First starting on the left we have: Send Me Sailing, Blessedly Rich, Orange Tempera, Cut Loose and Rivera Life

My favourite was Rivera Life as a colour and Blessedly Rich for the overall colour and pigmentation I’d say it was probably the best out of the five shades. Unfortunetly the lipsticks looked a little too mangled to be swatched but an obvious favourite for me was Red Racer but I also loved Sail La Vie.

Right now we have everything else all in this next  swatch photo, Eye Shadows, Powerpoint Eye Pencils and the Pro Longwear Lip Pencils which gives you an idea of the colours.

Starting on the top left with Powerpoint Eye Pencils and Lip Pencils( the lines above the shadows) we have have: Blue Stripe (E), Sauter (L), Handforged (E), Emerald Sea (E) and Shore Leave (L).

Handforged has a gorgeous pigment pity I’ve already got one of a similar colour .Shore Leave is a lovely pink colour for lipstick base and lining. Throw Me A Line wasn’t available to swatch.

Eye Shadows from left to right are: Nautical Navy, Jaunty, Barefoot, Crystal Avalance and Feeling Fresh.

I can honestly say none of these caught my attention, not enough shimmer or pigmentation to stand out and not a good overall colour. The swatches were on normal skin with no primer applied but it took a couple of attempts to get an actual colour to show up. For Nautical Navy the colour just looks like a blue or black in the swatch but in the pot the colour has much more of presence which doesn’t come off in the final finish.

Verdict of the collection

Overall the idea of the collection was a lot more appealing that the collection itself. I can imagine a lot of people buying these for the packaging not the product. There is nothing special in this collection but of course if there’s something that hass caught your eye then give it a go. The one thing I just wouldn’t bother with are the Eye Shadows.

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M.A.C Dsquared Collection Swatches

As promised the next swatches from this months collection releases. Mac Dsquared2 collection may be small but it has a few little treausres every make up lover wants. The must haves from this collection in my opinion are the nude lip base – Dim which is already sold out on the website and my local store,the lipstick in shade blood red and the scultpting powders.