No7 Shine Free Make-up Base Review

Hey guys,

A week last saturday I told you I ran out of my Mac prep and prime face,I was gutted but I took this as an opportunity to look for something new. This was nothing to do with the product,I love Mac prep and prime and the forumula is perfect. I just needed a cheaper product as I didn’t have £16 to spend on more Mac primer or the Illamasqua primer I had my eye on.

So after looking through the internet,I found there wasn’t much choice as far as face make up bases/primers. The ones I could find were just as expensive but then I came across a page where someone was talking about No7 shine free make up base,since I have combination skin I thought this would be perfect as I was intrested in the Illamasqua matt primer.

Now I’ve been using this product for a week and it took me a few attempts to find the best way to use it.

Putting it on with your fingertips or dry sponge wont work the formula is too thick for this,you can apply it is with a damp sponge and even then it can go on patchy.The best way I found was to mix it with a little moisturizer and then apply it with a damp or dry sponge this will apply more evenly and doesn’t dry out your face as much.The formula is so different compared to Mac prep and prime and doesn’t blend very easily.

There is no smell to the formula,you do get 10 ml more than with Mac prep and prime but it honestly I’d rather pay more. After using it for a week and finally figuring the best way to use I don’t think I’ll buy it again.Its nowhere close to more expensive brands quality and for £10.25 its not much cheaper.

On a more positive note,once applied the formula works very well and lasts all day,today I’ve had it on for over 9 hours and only now my skin is starting to feel slightly oily.

Smell: 8/10 – Not perfumed

Quantity: 7/10 – More than other brands

Formula: 7/10 – its works but is way to thick and heavy

Overall: 8/10 – it works but I want something with a little less fussiness first thing in the morning

Here are a list of primers I found:

Mac Prep and prime                                                 £16        30ml

Illamasqua matt or stain primer                                £18        30ml

No7 Shine free make up base                                   £10.25    40ml

No7 Calming make up base                                      £10.25    40ml

Bloom make up base                                               £14.68    30ml (I think)

Mememe perfecting base correcting serum foundation £6.85      (unsure of quantity)

Gosh velvet touch foundation primer                          £12.72     (think its about 30ml)

Hope this help you out