Sneak Energy

Sneak Delivery Day !!!

I have been drinking energy drinks since my early 20’s , always trying to drink sugar free ones when possible as I didn’t want the tons of sugar unless there was a day I particularly needed the extra kick. Been a parent to three busy kids, part-time uni, part-time job and housework I always feel there is not enough hours in the day and there is always something that needs to be done.

A couple of years ago I came across Sneak and there was a few reasons it caught my attention such as a good variety of flavours, low calorie, sugar-free and cleaner than the standard energy drinks out there. It’s a powder you mix with water and there you go instant amazing energy drink to go. There are cans available but the majority of current flavours and upcoming flavours come in powder form.

It has been way too long since there has been Sneak in the house, mainly because we would forget to order on payday and then end up buying cans from the local shops for the rest of the month but this month I finally remembered. So what do we have in the picture, there is two new shakers, one monochrome for Cezz and one of the new Wavy shakers that launched Friday (‘ll have to show you my collection some time). There is a tub of Stealth which is currently been deleted here in the UK (Sad times) and Blue Raspberry Tub. The tubs hold 40 servings (1 scoop= 1 serving) , also in the picture is the sachets, these are individual servings (equivalent to 1 scoop) which can be taken on the go, when you are trying a flavour for the first time and are great for first time Sneak buyers as you can buy a few flavours in combo with a shaker for a starter deal.

Is it expensive? It works out as £2 per serving, I use to say that I didn’t understand how a full sugar energy drink use to cost 99p in most supermarkets but since I’ve been buying Sneak with the introduction of sugar tax among other things the price difference is no longer that big with most full and sugar free drinks coming in between £1.50 and £2.20. The added benefit of knowing that Sneak has been made with natural flavourings and sugar free, made up with water when you want it is a huge plus.

It is definitely worth trying and the flavours taste amazing especially purple storm which is my favourite, keep in mind if you are use to canned drinks this is not going to be fizzy for obvious reasons but you will get use to it soon enough. Also I recommend Blue raspberry so tasty. If you do fancy giving it a try here is my referral link :

I do not think you’ll be disappointed just my opinion but with how many people seem to have fallen down the Sneak rabbit hole, we can’t all be wrong right?