Blood Results : “Normal” ?

The blood results are back, for some reason I thought they took longer but of course Cezz is on the ball and straight on the phone in the middle of Asda as we search for the elusive kraken glasses, none are anywhere yet which makes me think they just haven’t had a shipment of them but anyway back to the results.

Cezz of course discusses his first, yeah crazy we are both having bloods etc for different reasons but that’s his story to tell and I’m kind of documenting mine in a way to get the emotions out, know where I am with everything and for anyone feeling vaguely curious lol. Cezz needs more bloods done so needs to pick up a form and then its my turn, my bloods have come back “normal” but I also have a prescription for folic acid. Now at this point my mind is thinking two things:

  1. How can they be normal but also need a top-up of folic acid (yeah I know the within range thing but at the time I was huh)
  2. Folic Acid? seriously isn’t that for pregnant people, I am not pregnant why do I need that. You will need to speak to the Dr when he’s back in Mon/Tues.

So at this point I am thinking “oh great an entire week for my brain to think WTF before I get answers”. Of course this leads to be googling a bunch of stuff about bloods and folic acid and can see it can be given for folic deficiency anaemia. Could explain the tiredness but there is a bunch load of other stuff I’m not quite ready to get into yet. I was anaemic when I was pregnant with one of the kids (no I can’t remember which one) but as I said there is more but this does rule out the possibility of a thyroid problem I think which is what the Dr wanted to do. 1 tablet a day for 3 months, this should be fun. I might even rattle at this point.

Fast forward to today where Cezz takes me to pick up my prescription, offers to go in and thank fuck he did because I would have been completely lost. So both me and Cezz have to have more bloods done again for the exact same thing in 4-6 weeks time which is crazy considering we are both there for different reasons. Anyway Cezz comes to the rescue again, he manages to sort out the Dr ringing me instead of me trying to ring at 8:30am, which saves me the 60 plus calls of trying to get through which just makes my anxiety build and build. The downside is waiting around for this call will have me on pins, I won’t be able to focus on anything until that call has happened just in case I miss it for whatever reason lol

So yeah thats where we are at the moment, more bloods needed, nothing really answered but things are moving along slowly. Also had my letter for my second covid Jab but can’t get there as Cezz is working so will have to re-arrange. Fun, games and bloody more phone calls to be made.

Rogue x