Health Update & Yey it’s Autumn

Seems I wasn’t exaggerating when the last title I wrote was “The Waiting Game”, it truly has seemed that way I’ve been back for numerous bloods again and again. None the wiser except now I have to have a scan on my liver as my normal liver results are fine but the extra test ordered has been a little abnormal both times. I’m not particularly good at not worrying but of course my brain is straight away thinking the worst as it always seems to do.

I have finished my 3 month dose of vitamins (Folic acid) which is one less tablet that makes me rattle lol

On top of that I am still waiting for my referral appointment and I think the “up to 10 week wait time” is in about two weeks time so I’m hoping I hear from that soon, as well as feeling nervous and apprehensive about that too. This I will explain at a later date but as it’s still in motion I’d rather keep it to myself until I’m ready. (Update: I quite literally wrote this yesterday and they rang today…wish me luck.)

Apart from the above I guess the waiting game is still pretty much a waiting game but a little update is better than none. On a happier note, its Autumn/Fall the best time of the year, crispy leaves, warm blankets, hot chocolate and curling up on the sofa to watch movies. Honestly my favourite time of the year and yes Halloween is on the way!!!!

Rogue x

Upate,Update I guess… I thought I would tag this here as I don’t want to annoy you all with updates and having these little blog updates also helps me remember what happened and when. So in short I feel like I can breathe a little easier for a while, It wasn’t worth stressing over as much as I did and I actually feel like all my feelings have been validated. I’m now in for a long wait according to the Dr but I think I’m on the right path for me. To be continued… lol