My Geek Box June – Unboxing

Another first here on MsRetro,we signed up to My Geek Box June for the first time, we’d thought about trying it a few times but for us hearing that they were having a European Exclusive Pop Vinyl in the box was it’s selling point. We not only ordered one but two boxes because once again we argued over the t-shirt and I wanted my own.

Mine hasn’t arrived yet sadly so I’m hoping for Monday but the hubbie had his delivered today and we were dying to know what goodies it had inside.
Unfortunately we knew what the Pop was before we had the box as the whispers went to full blown yells in our Pop communities when a very popular website put the Pop up for sale with the sticker on the box.
Take a look at the unboxing with our excited shouty mini humans:

For those skipping the video or didn’t quite catch everything here is the list of the contents:

Funko Pop Vinyl Unmasked Cyclops (European Exclusive)
Mutant Academy t-shirt
Star Wars Heros Mouse Mat
Hero Pin Badges
Spiderman Heros and Villans Cards

As a first box it was quite good, I wish the pop had been better and a true exclusive but I don’t hate it. Love the t-shirt design but hate white clothes. I love the pin badges but as I’m no longer in my teenage years I’m wondering where to put them… I will think of something. The cards are great for my girls but I’ll have to work out how to use them and show them.
Overall I’m not overly excited to keep my subscription with them as there are better boxes out there and the exclusive Pop was a let down which doesn’t give me much to go on with their future boxes. We’ll have to see what happens.