Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Review

I’ve been using Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt for a good couple of months now and I wanted to make sure I used it really well before I gave you my opinion and review of the product.

Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Review

Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt

I’m one of those people that no matter how much I’ve tried to remove every last trace of my mascara and eyeliner I still end up with some sort of panda eyes happening in the morning. Which is annoying when you feel like you’ve rubbed your skin raw. I’ve tried various different methods and materials, wipes never seem to be enough even the ones made especially for eye makeup removal and although cotton pads with liquid makeup remover work like I said there is always some left behind.

Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt gel to cleanser

The Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt is a gel-to-oil cleanser, preforms like a gel and make up removal of an oil. It’s a lightweight formula that melts and thoroughly removes makeup and impurities.

Bliss Fabulous Makeup Melt Review

To use simply smooth the gel over your entire face (dry skin not wet), massage until the gel transforms into lightweight oil,  the makeup and impurities will be removed. Then all there is left to do is rinse and your left with clean soft skin.

I’ve used this with various amount of makeup from daytime natural to night on the town and it removes it so well. My skin feels clean and fresh afterwards a feeling that lasts until morning. It even removes my waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner which are stubborn to say the least. One of the best qualities of this product is it doesn’t leave my skin sore from scrubbing the makeup off, that always made my skin feel 100% worse. My skin has improved as it doesn’t get the torture of makeup removal anymore. I’d recommend trying this not only for removing stubborn makeup but also to make removing your makeup easier and quicker, the less time consuming something is the more your willing to make it part of your daily routine.