Lockdown again…

What better way to return than at lockdown 3.0 or is that 4.0?, in all honesty I think at this point we don’t know and many of us feel the truth in the joke that it is still March 2020.

It has been four long years since I’ve written a post, indulged in showing you a make-up spree and although many a geeky item has entered my household you haven’t seen that either. It wasn’t falling out of love with writing my blog that put it on pause but rather the immense amount of things you have to do as an adult/mum/wife/employee (why doesn’t anyone warn you that adulting is this hard??)

Anyway I will fill you in with the numerous decisions I’ve had to make this year for my health, family and my sanity but not all at once that would be information overload.

For now… welcome back!

Stay tuned & take care