Streaming, where it began

During the start of the pandemic my husband said he wanted to start streaming, at this point I was on a 12 week break from my workplace while they made it safer for those with pre-existing conditions. To me this sounded like an amazing idea as I have always been a huge gamer just more on the solo path and that hasn’t changed much. I still play a lot of single player games but I do join more co-op games these days after meeting and reacquainting with a great community of friends.

Dying Light : The bigger they are the harder they fall.

It’s nearly a year now since I started and although I’ve been on a small break due to mental health issues I can’t wait to get back to sharing the games I love with a community that loves them too. I think the last thing I played stream wise was Assassin’s Creed Valhalla but have recently been playing Raft with CezzBB so behind the camera and off stream for me but you can catch the occasional giggle, sarcastic comment or glimpse of me on his stream… it’s just a rare occurrence.

If you want to check out my streams go here drop a follow and know when I next go live. You can also catch my husband CezzBB who plays loads of community games such as Jackbox which is so worth dropping in on as it is so much fun!