Update: More Venting

No this doesn’t need to be read by anyone but I need to vent my frustration as I’m overwhelmed and don’t know really what to do.

So following on from the annoyance of trying to talk to or see a GP. I have been ringing at various times all morning from 9 because at 8:30 I’m on the school run and is now 10.55 and they are still engaged.

I went as far as signing up to simpleplan which has 24/7 GP appointments, I had this with my old job never used it and typically saw the benefit later. Got it through today that’s its all set go ahead, I thought yes maybe this is the answer. oh no is not that simple, asks me to fill in my medical profile and the kids. Mine no issues, if I tap the kids then it errors and says try again later. Can’t progress until the profiles are filled in.

I’m not done, I then join a live chat to solve this issue so i can hopefully get an appointment, so I talk to a bot to then be put through to an advisor, well suppose to be, I sat there for 10 mins with nothing happening and gave up… I know I should have probably waited but at this point I’ve had enough.

Why is it so hard to get help, I quite literally want to crawl under the duvet and stay there until I feel like I want to come out. Nothing is ever easy and that may be dramatic but trying to ring up and feel like your going to be rejected is enough of a problem without everything else.

I apologise again for the rant but I just need to get it out and since Cezz is working this is the best I can do.

Wish me luck😥