The journey to find answers

Okay guys, this time this is not a rant, is it because I finally got through to the doctors.. also no but Cezz did. He was so tired of the extra stress it was causing me to try and get through to the doctors every morning that he did it for me when I was getting the kids ready. What would I do without him.

The phone call was way earlier than expected (quite literally on the school run), I felt completely unprepared because my notepad of scribbles was at home but he listened. That is so rare to find in a Doctor, they listen to a degree but not really listen to everything as a whole. He took notes of what I said and I am now having a work up of bloods in which he said he wanted to do that first as the symptoms can relate to a few things, the bloods can rule some things out and he’s been had before when he hasn’t done the blood work first.

This is totally the beginning and I may find that what I think it is, it isn’t but its about getting me in the right direction, not struggling daily and putting myself last anymore. Although the kids and Cezz will always be my priority, I’m making sure from now on I’m at least on the list lol.

Fingers crossed, answers to come.


Update: Since I never uploaded this because other shit happened and I ended up ranting instead, this is almost one week on and bloods have just been done today. The craziness of trying to get bloods done just wow. 3 vials of Rogue blood later and I treated myself to a cookie…. this is why I will never be thin lol. Lets hope I get to talk to the same doc, he said to ask for him so I’ll take that as a good sign as someone who wants to help me find a solution.

To be Continued…