Game Talk: Starting…

Okay so I named this game talk because to me this is one of many things this seems to apply to but is the most prominent for me. It can happen to just about anything so follow along and it may apply to you too.

You might think what the hell is she prattling on about (I think this quite often and I am me) but does anyone else buy games because you’ve wanted to play it for ages either in a sale or finally got the money for it or a multitude of reasons but never actually get around to playing it?. I don’t mean as in you don’t actually have time which can happen I mean more like you hover over it and decide nah don’t feel like that one today or I don’t want to play that for x and y reason. As I said this doesn’t apply to just games but for me this is definitely noticeable.

I have at least 4/5 games I’ve bought and never played, a whole library of games that are half played that I’ve either played and got bored of or switched to another game but I also have other games that I love so much that I replay over and over again without issue. I have the likes of 7 days to die which I bought at least 6 months ago that I haven’t even opened, Final fantasy X which I know I love but still not opened on game pass. Does anyone else do this?

I will start at some point maybe…

I can quite happily sit there on Fortnite for hours because its mind numbing and chill and I just don’t get it but because its almost playing on auto pilot it takes very little effort. No really great when you want to do something different but you just can’t. I feel like I can hear a million voices at this stage shouting well just do it, its pretty simple but it’s really not. I my brain says no then its just not going to happen. I can’t make myself just do it.

I love this series, so easy to watch over and over again

Unfortuetly it doesn’t stop there, this wonky brain logic of mine applies to tv shows and film, I can watch a tv series I like over and over quite happily. I don’t like starting a new series, its kind of like climbing over a hurdle or the equivalent of running smack into wall for me, it drives Cezz up the wall. Don’t even get me started if something happens to a character I like when I’ve emotional invested in them, this will go one of two ways, I either never watch the series again or I can only re-watch up to the point that I designate as safe/happy. As I write this down I realise quite how nuts this sounds but this is me.

Quite possibly the same reason I like the romantic films on movie 24, just a thought but its always the same as in know the basic plot. They meet, all goes well, something screws it up and then it ends on a high note so either way you know the result is going to be good. I’m sorry to say for me its books too for example I love the Study trilogy series by Maria V Snyder but after I’d read them I found out she had wrote more, the problem? considering this should be amazing news, the happy ending has already happened, the story ended. I have tried so hard to read the next couple of books but just get bored and totally unmotivated to read them.

Again I realise this stuff is totally random and mostly rambling but hey that’s the title of my page after all. I cant be the only one that does this right?