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Be Kind … Seems like a Joke to some people

Frankness and brutal honesty, there is alot of people out there who couldn’t give a fuck about the impact they have on other people with the words they say.

Its funny how the world works, people can mourn the loss of celebrities but are lost to the people that struggle day to day. The world campaigned to “be kind” but as time has gone on… its already been forgotten. In a pandemic that made many think of others, there was also the people that made it so much harder that only thought of themselves.

This is not the easiest for me to say but I have never been the best at prioritising what thing to do first and usually start about 10 jobs at once when I have the energy. I’ve always felt lazy for not been able to do as much as everyone else that seems to have their shit together. Especially when the likes of social media has people showing how amazing their lives are. I get overwhelmed so easily by too much noise that I can’t think straight and a headache is always on the cards when this happens.

I struggle to get everthing done, been an adult is bloody hard and not enough people say it. I forget things constantly, I am probably the furthest from organised as possible, but I try. There are days were a feel like super woman and there are days were I want to hide under the duvet. I have struggled with anxiety all my life and for the last three years have had to have medication for it, for the last year I have also been on antidepressants due to the impact of the pandemic, my old job and day to day life.My mental health has been in tatters and I’m not the only one.

What has gotten me to this conversation, well a little thing called neighbours. As I said above I struggle and when you have a part-time job, part-time uni, a house and three kids to look after life isn’t exactly easy. A husband that works 13hrs a day to provide for his family and has very little free time. There is a wild garden that needs my attention, a front yard that needs weeding and yes our house looks lived in and sometimes chaotic. But you know what our kids are happy, amazing and grateful aswell as sometimes little shits because we’re not delusional.

The reason I say this is because our neighbour decided to say he thinks we’re messy, all he’s seen is the wild garden so I’m guessing he’s got something stuck up his ass about that but what upsets me is that he’s clearly said this in front of his daughter and she felt it was fine to say it too… great teaching there mate.

We’ve lived here 12 years and they’ve been here a year maybe 2. We don’t have the money to splash around doing our garden up, good for them they do but learn some manners. Learn to be kind and learn that people are going through things you know nothing about. I felt deeply sad when I heard this and now I’m angry that someone can be so thoughtless. Its probably going to replay at least a couple 100 times for me but obviously they would know nothing about that.

I hope my next post is a little happier, sorry guys 💜


4 thoughts on “Be Kind … Seems like a Joke to some people

  1. I’m sorry people are shit, we get it all the time oh aren’t you going to mow the grass? Well no not with 2 small children who need my attention especially in the garden and with hubby shifts he doesn’t always want to do that shit immediately. Here always if you need to chat or rant! You are doing an amazing job so fuck those people ❤❤❤

    1. No need to be sorry but yes some people are definitely shit and it annoys me more that its gone through the kids. Its not easy when you’ve got young ones to look after and a million other jobs to do. It’s just lower down the priority list. Exactly its the same with Cezz maybe less now because his shifts are better but i’d still rather him chill with the kids and get round to it when he can. My rants seem to be on here these days lol, I know if I get it down when I’m feeling it I at least feel a little better. Thank you so much for the comment I really appreciate it :).

  2. Sorry to hear things aren’t great Rogue and that people don’t think before they say things. Our front garden has weeds towering over our wall currently and our back garden was so bad last year our neighbours “came round to help”, they didn’t, it was because apparently the weeds at the bottom of our garden were growing through to their pretty little garden and they wanted to get rid of them 😂 You and Cezz are amazing parents with 3 lovely children. Hugs 💜

    1. Thank you I appreciate it, Cezz doesn’t really understand why I let it bother me but we’re total opposites lol, he doesn’t give a fuck but I went from upset to annoyed that the kids had to hear it. Our garden really needs doing and I know it (its like a jungle) but its so bloody big its like a 4 people job and considering my back problems and cezz knee problems we make maybe one whole person between us just lol. Our neighbour is a labourer (own business hands on) so he does it himself, calls in the family (also labourers) and has spare money to spend on it. Great for them but not everyone is in that position and how dare they judge. As long as my kids are happy that’s all I care about.

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