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Halloween Nails – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Prepping not only for Halloween but also for mine and husbands 2 year anniversary.  As its half term my nails will either not get done or be chipped by the time its our anniversary so this year I planned ahead. My nails are not only done and are going to last all week. I found these decals and they were so easy to use.

The results are gorgeous, these are my
” The Nightmare Before Christmas ” nails and they are exactly what I wanted.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Decals

The Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

I could wear these all year round they are awesome.

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Autumn & My Wardrobe

As you all know I love autumn, always have, the crispy, crunchy leaves, conkers and wrapping up warm. Aswell as my weddings anniversary and Halloween. Autumn is beautiful but now summer really has gone and the walks in the morning have started getting nippy. Over the last couple of months I’ve been trying to build up my Autumn Wardrobe so I wouldn’t be left with all my summer clothes and nothing to wrap up in. I’ve got my wardrobe must haves as well as my layering clothes but I’m still on the hunt for othet little bits and pieces.

Red Box Pleat Top

I’m love this box pleat top which is going to be a new addition to me wardrobe. It comes in Blue, Nude and Black but I just can’t resist the Red. Its perfect because it doesn’t have to be paired with one thing,  it can be paired with a pencil skirt,  jeans and heels or leggings. Also you can but a cardigan or it for layers or a jacket to smarten it up. Versatile clothes are your best friend.

Leopard Print Oversize Top

An oversized top is perfect for putting those summer vest tops to good use and layering them under a top like this.  I love leopard print and this top is slouchy and comfy. Add a cardigan for more warmth or a jumper in one colour like black.

Pink & Black heart Jumper


Talking of jumpers I love this heart jumper its long so no exposed skin is going to catch a chill and its also available in black with white hearts. Its so cute and again perfect with jeans or leggings.

Grey Jeans

Autumn is also the perfect season to add colour to your wardrobe such as red or green jeans instead of your usual colour. If this is too much try going for grey and then wearing a bolder colour on top. Whatever you want to show off make it bold and noticeable.

Autumn Boots

Boots are a must for walking through those crunchy leaves and whether their ankle or knee high you need a pair that can go with anything. I bought a burgandy pair last year and they go with everything maybe on perfectly but I don’t really care as I love them.

Burgundy Boots
Burgundy Boots

These are them and they are so comfy I would be lost without them. I love that chunky heels are back instyle and I am going to get a chunky ankle boot as well as a knee high while they are still around.

Tartan Jacket
Tartan Jacket

As for coats and jackets most styles are still in fashion so its whatever suits you, I have an aviator jacket which is my go to but leather biker jackets are still very popular which I love.  The one above I really want to get but I can’t really decide to get it or not. It would go with most things in my wardrobe as its red again shocker. I can’t stress enough about making sure whatever your buying you can mix and match with. In the long run it saves you money and you don’t have to spend a heap of money every season, instead you just get a few key pieces and update.


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Beauty From Within

Its a been almost a year maybe just under since my last post and a lot has happened since then. As you will all remember I got married last October and what me and Mr.Retro found out not long after was we were expecting our 3rd child. So the last year has been mostly filled with growing bigger, clothes not fitting and finding time for sleep was far more important than putting my make up on. I guess that sounds bad loving my make up as much as I do but thats what pregnancy did to me.

Since our little boy was born in June I have been trying to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy, I managed to slim down for my wedding but getting the weight off this time seems to be harder. It took my wedding to motivate me last time and Id had two pregnancies before that so the last couple of weeks I have been trying to decide what are the best things for me. Fitting exercise around 3 very busy kids and normal day to day life is very tough. The best thing to do I’ve found (which sounds so cliche) is drink water whenever you can, exercise whenever you can, don’t make working out a chore (Zumba is Great fun), eating loads of fruit and veg and radiate confidence (even if your faking it).

Which leads me to the title of this post, I never quite understood the phrase “Beauty From Within” when I was younger, in my teens it was simple black or white you were either pretty or you were not. When you enter your late teens to early 20s this is when most people will basically stand up to the world and say this is me either like it or go away. Now I’m in my late 20s I think I’m finally understanding what it means. Its not all about the make up you wear, everybody has body hang ups even the people you think are perfect have things they dislike about themselves. Its that little bit of concealer, red lippy, favourite top or skirt that can make us feel beautiful and when we feel beautiful we look beautiful. For any Castle fans, Martha (Castles Mum) got it spot on, everyone sees something wrong with their body be it a wobbly belly or flat bum and we spend the rest of our lives trying to find that happiness with ourselves we had as a child, the age of innocence that all it took was a plastic tiara and a tutu (or princess dress) to feel beautiful.


What works for you?, What’s that one thing that makes you feel beautiful no matter what?

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Wedding, Halloween and where I am now…

Hiya Guys,

Its been over a month since my last posts and I apologise for this, It was the run up to my Wedding last month and I never seemed to have enough time in one day. I won’t be catching up on the beauty boxes I’ve missed as if you were waiting for a review / reveal then you would have already got it by now. Instead I will start with posts regarding Christmas as that is now what everyone is thinking about. Between what look to go for regarding clothes and make-up to what the house is going to look like this year so this is where my energy will be focused. I’ve missed you all and I’m looking forward to getting back to normal.