Mini Haul and A Day Out

Hey guys,

I’ve had such an amazing day with my little girl shes so fun to spend time with and like a best friend to me. Most parents can’t take their kids shopping as they will be screaming and crying,no not my little one first thing she says to me on a saturday┬á (after coco-pops) is shops. And we spend the day strolling around just looking at all the pretty colours,shoes and of course make up. She loves the make up because of all the different colors,she is just adorable.

This week was diffrent because we were going on the big bus as she calls it to Cardiff, She loved the bus ride she was munching her crisps and drinking her juice (how many 2 year olds do you know that can sit contently on the bus for an hour). We had so much fun in the Mac store,she had all the staff talking to her and she loved it. She also told me which colors to buy especially Vibrant Grape (both our favorite colour is purple lol). We shopped and ate and headed home and now shes fast asleep on the sofa next to me…everyday should be this much fun ­čÖé

I’ve uploaded a swatch of most the colors,I had a few more but the picture weren’t good enough to put up. I bought woodwinked e/s,vibrant grape e/s, bright future e/s and select moisture cover for those days when I really need it (everyday when I don’t get enough sleep…hehe)

Thanks for reading,until later x