A Very Long Day At Work

Hey all,

No make up look, I know thats not like me but I’ve had the longest day ever,it seemed never ending.

I was running late for work this morning,got Paige up for breakfast,changed and ready to go,got Ceri up…he doesnt eat breakfast and he’s never ready to go lol. I was up at 06:50 which is early for me,Paige woke me but still I mange to be late as I was cleaning up the mess of coco pops all over the floor.

I managed to get the bare minimum of make up (yes eyeliner and mascara on) but I felt so bare all day not my usual self.

Here’s a question,what are your essentials?, what is the one item of make up you cant leave the house without putting on?

Anyway thats it for me tonight,I’m shattered and have to get some sleep,night everyone x