A quick look

Hey guys,

Now for any of you that know of the youtube gurus you must have heard of lauren luke,well i bought one of her palettes and I have to say I love them,the colors are gorgeous and for ¬£25 you get a creme eyeliner,3 eyeshadows, two primers (light and dark), 2 lipsticks and a powder blush. I thought I’d do a quick a look for you, I’m not naked¬† btw I have a strapless top on lol x
All from the “my vintage glam” palette unless otherwise stated.


  • As I’m doing another look I havent used any foundation in this look only blush. Powder blush: Berry cream.


  • Nude slip dark shadow primer whole lid
  • Nude slip light primer crease to brow
  • Red wine e/s over entire lid
  • Petticoat Pink e/s crease
  • Silver slippers e/s brow highlight and tearduct
  • Raven black ceme eyeliner


  • Love bite all over lips
  • Champagne kiss dabbed in centre of lips