Latest M.A.C. Collection – Reviews & Swatches

Hey guys,

If any of you follow me and twitter then you saw my updates last night and this morning that I was going to check out the two new collections in cardiff, it was a horrible rainy day going all the way to Cardiff but it was worth it. so here goes.

Naked Honey Collection

Now in all honesty I really wanted to love this collection despite the reviews been so down on it,the posters of the collection were amazing the thought of having honey goodies for my skin sounded wonderful but when It came to it I had to pass on this collection with a capital P.

I wasn’t interested in any of the make up the colors were all way to bland and easily dupable so that was a pass before I even saw the collection.I really wanted the body wash,cream,salve and a perfume so I went with an open mind but I was horribly disappointed the only thing to smell at all honey like was the salve and that was only a little bit honeyish. The wash and cream were only 100 ml each and for the price I’d rather go to which has a range of products from honey with milk,honey olive oil and one for dry skin a little cheaper and way more product 300 ml on most products.Everything smelt floral not like honey.

The perfumes I have to say were yet another dissapointment, naked honey itself been very sweet/floral and didnt smell at all honeyish and africanimal was very musky…I thought id like this when reading the description of it but its way too strong,I can still smell it on me and its about 9 hours after I sprayed it on my wrist….still too strong to the point it hurts my nose.

Color Craft Collection

Where do I begin…..I LOVE THIS COLLECTION!!!! this has to be my fave collection so far,the colors are gorgeous and even better they are mineralize eyeshadows/blushes and skin finshes which are suppose to be better for your skin.

Firstly the eyeshadows,some of these are similar so you dont need to buy all of them if you dont want all 6 it depends what colors you want,feel free to get all six if you want lol. Assemblage has to be my fave for a smokey eye look the colors are: white with silver pear,deep grey,black with sliver gillter and warm yellow gold….gorgeous colors smooths on skin,this is going to sell out fast.Next Odd bits the colors are:Mid tone silver grey,dusty rose with gold pearl,dark burgundy and peachy bronze I love this as I like the burgundy and dusty rose colors gorgeous sheen to them.Last but not least Fashion patch the colors are:Ice blue,Off white,black with silver glitter and light white pink…..yes that way two blacks but if you like smokey eyes this will save you buying another carbon or black tied anytime soon.

I also like Eccentricity but its not on my I must have now list as I already have alot of purples,Natural flare is nice but if you have a neutral palette already I find these colors are dupable and last of all girly romp,now I don’t like this quad much as again i find the colors dupable but im just not one for barely there colors this isnt one of the most stand out quads I find it a little too bland.

The mineralize skinfinishes are really nice,if you missed out on them in the blonde,brunette,redhead collection nows the time to make up for it these are beautiful, my faves are smooth merge and triple fusion they can be used as a highlighter,to contor or to give your skin a slight sheen….my only worry is will they make oily skin look even more oily….i’ll let you know 🙂

The mineralize blushes are just as nice but some are on the chucky side if you are going to get one I’d go for one either daft pink or speed demon seem the best of the bunch.

The lipsticks are all dupable so I’d pass unless you really like one.

The marble lipglasses are gorgeous and a must…many are dupable but my fave is Eclectic edge as its a gorgeous violet.

Anything you want me to review let me know…I hope this helps

Catch you later x