Another Look Coming Up…

Morning everyone!!!

How you all doing this morning,I hope your having a great day (As much as you can when stuck in work anyway), I have my coffee nice and early yay on second cup now…hmmm maybe I should slow down before I’m bouncing off the walls.

Anyway before I rant a little too much,I have a new look on the way for you today,its a neutral smokey look again done with one of the new mac mineralize quads (love them). I did two looks for you guys yesterday using the odd bits quad, the first was very soft so I took it to a night look using a darker base. If you havent seen or rated these looks they are in the looks section of the website go take a look.

Since viewing the Color Craft collection I have become a huge fan of the MACs mineralize products they are so soft and very light to wear for people who don’t like heavy make up.I will be getting more mineralize stuff to test 🙂

New look will be up later tonight,let me know what you think of the past looks by rating and leaving a comment. Thank you in advance.

Catch you all later x