Hey guys,

I was just looking at the forums on specktra and found a post about konad nail art,now I got the set ages ago and I hate to say it after a few attempts I gave up and put it away thinking I was hopeless I just couldnt do it. After I saw this post and thinking about the youtube vids I watched in the past I started to think I just gave up to easily it just takes practice and getting use to.

So I went upstairs dug out my set and I have to say Im impressed (its much better than my first attempt believe me I only managed one nail the first time) so here it is:

I think I’ll keep at this until I’m an expert lol it looks pretty cool, If you intrested I know alot of youtubers have done vids so you can check them out. If you want the website address I got my kit from just leave a comment and I’ll message back.

Catch you later guys x