Morning Everyone

Morning eveyone!!

How were you weekends?,I’ve been doing a few looks this weekend one nice neutral pink on friday and yesterdays which were a little out there,the ice princess one was fun I loved the eyes but the lips didnt turn out so well pigment is very hard to distribute evenly on the lips so I’ll have to have another attempt at this or get a blue lipgloss to make things easier lol 🙂

The pinup look was my favorite look because,its an everyday look for me if I can help it,its classic and who doesn’t love 50’s flicked eyeliner and red lips.

Then there was last nights, yes the one with the lower quality pictures as it was 11pm at night…whoops. I loved this,the mix of yellow,pink and orange looked gorgeous.Perfect for the more adventurous person…I’m not sure if you can see it in the photos but each eye has a double eyeliner flick,one from the top as usual and one from the lower lashline which looked beautiful.I also lined my lower lashline with liquid liner which I dont normally do but it looked really nice so if you haven’t done this before its worth a try 🙂

Catch you later x