Urban Decay Eye Shadow Swatches

Hey guys,

Heres the swatches I promised,I will do more,the selection in the shop I went into wasn’t that great so I will do more but this is alot of the eyeshadows. If you want more detail about the colors go to the american¬†Urabn Decay website as the details of each color are much better than the uk site.

Normal Eye Shadows

  • Oil Slick – This is black with silver glitter,fall out is very minimal. I love this black but if you want just matte black its better to go for perversion over this colour.
  • Twice Baked – Twice baked is described and brownie brown with gold glitter,I think of this colour as the perfect summer colour and the gold glitter gives the perfect glimmer.
  • Baked – Rich Bronze,again to me this is the perfect summer colour.
  • Grifter – Sheer lavender with lots of Micro glitter,this I found more glitter than colour and wouldn’t buy.
  • Flash – Bright iridecent purple, I love the colour and would hope that with a primer underneath it would be a bit more boulder.
  • Strip – Very metallic bluish silver,I fell in love with this colour and its on my want list.
  • Green Goddess – Described as medium green,I love this colour (but I do like alot of green eyeshadows).
  • S&M – Bright metallic silver,this is another colour I fell in love with,the sheen it has is amazing.
  • Sin – Champagne,This to me is a must and the colour pay off with a primer would make it a great neutral for everyday make up or bridal looks.
  • Polyester Bride – white with silver glitter,this swatch would have been better if people hadn’t rubbed all the other eyeshadow colour in it.
  • Mary Jane – Silvery blue with dark undertone,all I can say is I love this colour.
  • Crash – Deep eggplant with copper glitter,a beautiful purple and the copper glitter is so unique.
  • Flipside – Electric teal with blue sheen,the perfect teal colour.
  • Midnight Cowboy Rides Again – Golden beige with bronze,gold and silver glitter,shimmery nude colour.
  • Stray Dog – Cool medium brown,an everyday colour.


Deluxe Eye Shadow

  • Graffiti – Bright green, I love this colour so much (Your not suprised are you,yep another green hehe)
  • Ransom – Vibrant purple, This is a beautiful deep but vibrant purple.
  • Adore – Electric blue,This blue is amazing if you buy one true blue let it be this one.
  • Underground – Medium fawn,a beautiful everyday brown.
  • Peace – Shimmering turquoise,this colour has really good colour payoff and if you will wear this colour buy it!!!
  • Fishnet – Iridescent purple, this to me to the perfect bright purple and a must have colour.