Illamasqua Review

Hey everyone,

Ive missed you guys,so sorry Ive been MIA. First I had a really bad day on saturday and then my internet brokedown on me. So here I am in work writting this blog post for you.

Right first of all saturday was my big haul day,I got up early and was in Cardiff by 9:30, I felt lke a little kid going to the sweetshop with my pocket money.So I got to Illamasqua and from looking at the colors I was in heaven it looked like everything I thought it would be. The MUA asked if she could help but I politley said that I was just looking first. My first stop was the eyeshadows and wow now these are colors,vibrant to subtle they were all beautiful and next to them the gorgeous pigments. Unfortuenty swatching was to be done with a q-tip (yeah I know) so as pigmented as the colors are by using a q-tip they werent swacthing on my skin very well at all.I do have some swatch photos that will go up later but I’ll warn you they are not very good.

I asked the MUA if she had Lestat in but as with everywhere else it was out of stock, she did offer be gimp as a subsitute but i wanted a buildible black like lestat (nothing to do with lestat been one of my fave vampires honest ). Daemonic was one of my favorites a pink toned red very vibrant, honestly I wanted them all. I asked the MUA to match my foundation and as with everywhere the match was too dark and I asked for a lighter color. My match was 120.

Next I looked at the blushes and wow what a choice, My favorites are: Unrequited,Chased,Nypmh,Tweak and Beg. The softness of them is amazing,to the touch they seem silky…this goes for the eyeshadows too. The creme blushes were a little to runny to me but I think this is because they were under the hot lights in the store.If your after a creme blush my favorite for a highlight would be Lies and then for blush I’d go with promise or Dixie.

My next stop the primers,the matt and satin primer are so soft you can feel your skin absorbing them, this in my opinion is a must depending on if you want a matt or dewy glow to your skin.

The loose powders were lovely and the amount you get for the price is well worth it, the pink one which is LP005 is beautiful on any skin and seals your foundtion…can you say flawless 🙂

As for all the foundation,they have a shade for you no matter what your skin color they have so many, the cremes are very creamy and in my opinion have a medium coverage.The powder I’d go for if your after a light coverage and if like liquid foundations they have the perfect two a light foundation and a rich foundation. The light I think is comparable to Mac face and body but not quite as sheer,you can build to a medium coverage.The rich foundation is a medium to full coverage,this is what I got and after a week I’ll let you know what I think.

And last but not least,Lipsticks,Lipglosses and Pencils. The lipstciks and lipglosses were as vibrant as there online swatches, my favorites were Climax,Welt and Fetish (I love purple). They were creamy without been too creamy just the right consistency. The lipglosess both Intese and sheer were amazing again just like the colors on the website. The pencils in my opinion is a must the color selection they have will match any lipstick you have.They are soft and blendable. My favorite lipglosses are Indulge and Lily-rose, Favorite pencils are Bait,Maneater.

Another must is the Sophie eyeliner which honours the life of someone just been themselves and got killed for it. I think its 3 pound that goes to the sophie foundation. Illamasqua stands for you been who you want to be.

Now as you all know I was not the happiest of people after returning from my shopping trip, this is because I felt the MUA didn’t have the experience she should have had to be selling the products,she was lovely don’t get me wrong but it all went downhill,instead of having a good time,i felt akward and as if i was trying to just be sold everything instead of having recommendation for my skintype etc.I have contacted Illamasqua on the concerns I had and they have been very helpful with all my concerns. My experience does not reflect the brand at all. Illamasqua in my opinion is one of the best make up lines I’ve ever tried and dare I say it I probably love the make-up more than Mac. *shock*

Thanks guys and I’ll have some swatches up for you later X