Latest M.A.C Collection – Graphic Garden

Hiya Guys,

Sorry this is late it has been a longtime coming,its just been finding the time. Now Mac are trying to bankrupt us again by releasing 4 collections at once!. But they are very nice collections even if I am saying so myself. The four collections released this month (in the uk) are Graphic Garden,Love that Look,Baby Bloom and Euristocrats 2.

First off we have Graphic Gardens now this is a Nordstorm exclusive in America so the only place you can but it over here is the Mac website its not available in stores as far as I’m aware.There are 2 different eyeshadow palettes,2 different lip bags and 2 different brush sets.

The first palette is the same name as the collection : Graphic Graden, these in my opinion are the most unique colours.The colors are:

  • Social Climber
  • Botanical Blue
  • Straight Hedge
  • Wild Wisteria
  • Linear Lilac
  • Graphic Garden

This Palette is beautiful with a mix  colours suitable for day or night.They are also all a veluxe pearl finish which is on of my favorite finishes as it feels so silky going onto your skin.

The second palette is called Fresh Cut,the colours are more subtle than the the first palette but just as beautiful.The colours are:

  • Floral Inc
  • Sun-Shy
  • Fresh Cut
  • Poppy Noir
  • Bloomcycle
  • Part Peony

Although alot more subtle the colours in this palette all go togther to create various different looks. If you can afford it I’d get both. If just one my pick would be the Grahic Garden palette.

There are to lip bags in this collection, you have summer crop and baby blooms. Both are to subtle for me so I wont be buying but here is what is in each bag. In the Summer Crop you have:

  • Lipsticks: Semi-Annual and Garden Bed
  • Lipglass: Summer Crop

And in the second bag Baby Blooms,you have:

  • Lipsticks: Soft Illusion and Spiceflower
  • Lipglass: Baby Blooms

My favorite of the two if I had to pick one woul be the Baby Blooms lip bag.

Last of all you have the two different brush sets,you have the Shape and Perfect set:

  • 168SE
  • 187SE
  • 194SE
  • 212SE
  • 275SE

Define and Blend set:

  • 129SE
  • 190SE
  • 209SE
  • 219SE
  • 252SE

All in all you don’t need to spend alot, if you need brushes or want to try some brushes the sets are a perfect start and are great for taking on holiday/travels/or in your make up bag to work. The lip bags are up to you all depends if you fall in love with the colours or not and as for the palettes if you can afford it I’d get both but they are not essential it all depends on if you will wear the colours or not.My personal favorite is the Graphic Garden palette…hope this helps x

Catch you later