Latest M.A.C Collection – Love That Look

Hey Guys,

Love that look has been one of the most awaited collections in a while due to the re-release of some of the favorite eyeshadows from the starflash collection. Now I wasnt a huge Mac fan when this collection was released so all these are new to me although I do recognize alot of the names. The starflash eyeshadows have been known to have one of the niceest textures and I havent met one person that doesnt like them.

The colours released are such a good selection,you have plenty of everyday eyeshadows and then the ones with a blast of colour.The texture I have to agree is amazing and if you like one or more of these shadows get them now while they are still in stock.There are 12 eyeshadows:

  • Unbasic White
  • Dreammaker
  • Grand Entrance
  • Style Snob
  • Ego
  • Fashion
  • Smoke & Diamonds
  • Rated “R”
  • One-Off
  • Fashion Groupie
  • Strike A Pose
  • Glamour Check!

If your going to get any of these eyeshadows then I would recommend Smoke & Diamonds,Rated “R”,One-off and Strike a pose. Rated “R” isnt for everyone but its such a unique colour. Obviously only get colours you want,theres no point buying something you wont wear.I also heard style snob has sold out pretty fast but its not one of the most unique colours I’ve seen.

Also in this collection you have pearl glide eyeliners,these are another re-release. The colours are:

  • Rave
  • Fly-by-Blu
  • Molasses
  • Black Russian

I love everyone of these colours,so pick your favorites and enjoy.I have Black Russian and its beautiful to add that bit of sparkle on a night out or even in the day.I will definetley be getting Molasses as I think the colour is gorgeous and very versitile (plus I have to many blue and purple eyeliner already lol).The formula is very creamy it reminds me alot of Urabn Decay 24/7 Glide on pencils.

Enjoy this collection!!!