Latest M.A.C Collection – Baby Bloom

Hey guys,

Part two of my reviews of the latest Mac collections, Next on my list is Baby Blooms this is more of a summer mini collection and consists of Studio moisture tints and suntints liquid lip balm.

First up in the Studio Moisture Tint, they are spf 15 and you can never get enough sun protection when it comes to your skin. These come in 5 different shades:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Medium Dark
  • Dark
  • Deep Dark

I haven’t tried these yet but will be swatching them on my next Mac visit, they are suppose to be perfect for the summer season. Its described as a nice tinted moisturizer,a sheer tint enough to even out skintone but obviously not to heavy for the weather.

It wont be something I’m investing in but it is worth a look if its something you’ve been after and if your wondering it costs £19.00 for 40ml.

Next on the list is the Suntints spf 20 liquid lip balm,basically sun protection and lipgloss combined. I think this a great idea as we don’t get enough products that protect our lips and they need just as much protection from the sun. They come in 5 different shades:

  • Lilt of Lily
  • Pink Tinge
  • Full of Grace
  • Just a Smidge
  • Moist Plum

Although all colours are what you could get in normal lipgloss just remeber this kind of protection is worth it. My favorites are Lilt of lily,Full of grace and Just a smidge. I will be buying one at the end of the month but here is a warning if you don’t like sticky lipgloss/blam them leave it as this product is rather sticky.

Catch you later x