Latest M.A.C Collection – Euristrocrats

Hey guys,

Last but not least the Euristocrats 2 collection, I think some of these colours are sooooo unique and are definetley worth a look. All of the lipsticks are permanent but some of the dazzleglasses are limited edition.

First lets look at the Dazzleglasses, there are some beautiful colours here,the shades available are:

  • Via Veneto (LE)
  • Local Colour (LE)
  • Internationalist
  • Euro Beat (LE)
  • Roman Holiday
  • Date Night
  • Rue D’Rouge (LE)

My favorites of this collection are Via Veneto this is such a unique colour and looks gorgeous over most lipsticks,Internationalist – the blue pearl dazzle can actually make your teeth look whiter and last but not least Rue D’Rouge as I am a huge fan of reds and this is the perfect everyday red. The Dazzleglasses seem to be getting even more popular with every new shade brought out but it is still a case of you either love them or hate them. Swatches will be up after this blog goes up.

Then we have the lipsticks,some gorgeous colours and I thinka wide variety from bright to nude lips.The shades are:

  • Costa Chic
  • Milan Mode
  • Saint Germain
  • Patisserie
  • London Life
  • Naked Paris
  • Cockney

Patisserie is a beautiful nude colour described as a neutral pink and I’ve heard a lot of people say this has become the have go nude lip colour. My favorite of the collection has to be Milan Mode I find it so different to other pinks and the multi-dimentional pearl gives it the upper hand. Other than these two lipsticks I don’t think there are any other essentials in the lipsticks but as they are permanent there are no worries there.

For swatches of the Dazzleglasses and Lipsticks from this collection please visit my swatches page after reading this blog and click the Mac logo.

Bye for now x