New M.A.C Collection – Make Up Art Cosmetics – Maira Kalman

The second part the of the Make Up Art Cosmetics collection is by Illustrator Maria Kalman,This part of the collection has 6 eyeshadows and 5 technakohl liner, the colours are bright beautiful and will make any dull day seem better.

If I could afford it I would probably but every eyeshadow and liner in this the collection,I just love the bright colours. The 6 limited edition shades are:

  • Violet Trance – Deep blue prurple (Matte)
  • Crest The Wave – Rich Yellow (Frost)
  • Off The Page – Dirty Mustard Orange (Frost)
  • Maria’s Mood – Yellow pink (Satin)
  • Purple Shower – Dirty blue pink (Satin)
  • Haunting – Light turquoise (Satin)
Haunting is the only re-promote that I know of and I think this will be a fast seller,Maria’s Mood was originally going to be called Maria’s Magic just incase you were looking out for that colour.A lot of these colours are unique,Purple shower reminds me a lot of vibrant grape but I’ll have to swatch the colour before knowing for sure. The ones I like are crest the wave,off the page and maria’s mood.Violet trance is also a must if like me you like matte colours.
The Technakohl liners are proving just as popular as I thought they would be with one of the most unique colours already sold out.If you haven’t used a technakohl liner before then they are a rich,creamy and give a deep colour.the shades are available:
  • Graphblack – Richest graphic black
  • Artistic Licence – Bright turquoise blue
  • Full of Fuchsia – Deep blue magneta
  • Colour Matters – Bright lime
  • Obviously Orange – Dirty coral
These are all unique colours,my advice get your favorites when they are around,the only permanent one in this collection is graphicblack and artisitic licence is already sold out on the day its released.