New M.A.C Collection – Make Up Art Cosmetics – Marilyn Minter

One of the new collection released on the mac website today was the Make Up Art Cosmetics F/W’09, Its split into 3 parts each with a different artist. The first been Marilyn Minter who is a photographer,this part of the collection includes Pigments,Glitter and Clear gloss.Everything is limited edition none are permanent. First lets look at the glitters.There are 4 glitters which are:

  • Reflects Copper – Sparking Saffron
  • Fuchsia – Sparking Fuchsia
  • Gold – Sparking Chunky Gold
  • Reflects Red – Sparking Warm Red
Each colour looks beautiful,I’m sure Fuchsia is a repromote as I had a sample of this colour a while back.My favorite from the colours apart from the red as I’m obsessed with red is the copper it looks like a colour that can be worn so many ways,I also like the gold.
The second half of the collection is the pigments,there are 4 colours two of which I know are repromotes from long ago but beautiful colours which will sell out very fast – you have been warned.The colours are:
  • Cocomotion – Dirty gold bronze with gold pearl (Frost)
  • Push the edge – Deep bright pearl with pearl (Frost)
  • Brash&Bold – Bright Magenta (Frost)
  • Hertitage Rouge – Dirty brown plum (Frost)
I know not many people are fans of frost finishes but pigments are apparently different to the eyeshadows and you still get a very good colour with a pigment. The two repromotes I know of are Cocomotion and Heritage Rouge.I know of people that have been trying to get hold of these colour since they first came out and can now get them without the hefty price tag. These two will probably be the first to sell out and I can see why,they are day to day colours so you will be getting your moneys worth. All the pigments are limited edition.
The third part of the colection is simple the clear gloss,its limited edition and perfect for mixing with the above pigments and glitters.