Illamasqua:Dystopia Collection (Autumn/Winter 2009)

Hey guys,

Ive just uploaded the swatches from the new Illamasqua:Dystopia Collection,I love this collections already,silvers,blacks and pruple with bright silver lipgloss it cant get any better. Well that is until you see the birght pink lipstick that has come out with this collection. Here is the list of the new products:

  • Dystopia Liquid Metal: Phenomena
  • 4 colour Powder Eyeshadow Palette Pink –¬†Matter / Quantum / Synth / Rasp
  • 4 colour Powder Eyeshadow Palette Purple –¬†Machine / Fatal / CanCan / Spectra
  • Pure Pigment – Android,Static
  • Powder Eyeshadow – Machine,Matter,Synth
  • Lipstick – Avenge (Bright Pink)
  • Intense Lipgloss – Galactic (Silver)
  • Sheer Lipgloss – Explode
  • Nail Varnish – Obsess,Velocity
  • False Eyelashes – No21
You will love this colletion especially the liquid metal.