DuWop Cosmetics – Must Have Products

Hey guys,

How are you all doing today?,I’ve been using a brand for a while now but noticed I haven’t added it to my list of must have items. Its not a new brand but it more obtainable to people in USA than here in the UK.

DuWop is an amazing cosmetics brand that has been around for 10 years (I wish I’d discovered them sooner), full of products with natural ingredients. Ever wanted full pouty lips without need for injections? well your answer is Lip Venom,Puffy eyes making you wear sunglasses in winter?,your answer is IGels. Theres is something for everyone,no matter what your age or personality.

I have a few personal favorites and can’t believe how many people have never heard of this brand over here.Here are a few of my recommendations:

  • Eyecatchers: If your sick of asking that question “what colours will make my eyes pop” then this is perfect for you,there are 4 different eyeliners to chose from,pick the one for your eye colour or pick the black which is the perfect black for all eye colours.
  • Lash Venom: The best money ever spent is the only way I can describe this mascara. Not only does it plump,define and lengthen your lashes but it also conditions them.If you try one mascara try this one and everytime you need a new one this will be top of your list.
  • Moon Venom/Twilight Venom: These are just two versions of the wonderful lip venom,it was the first lip plumper on the market,its a tingly gloss that enhances the natural color and shape of the lips by increasing circulation.It contatins essentail oils including cinnamon and ginger.There are so many different ones I’ll have to do a seperate post for them.
  • Cheek Venom: Brings the colour to your cheeks,there two colours to choose from a nude one (sidewinder) and coral pink (diamondback).

There are so much more so this is what I’ll be telling you about.If your interested in trying these products here are a few links for you:

If your lucky enough to live in london then a Lip Venom bar has been launched in Fenwick on Bond street. To add to this list the distributers of DuWop over here in the Uk is also launching a new website www.simplebeauty.co.uk which will open is about 2 weeks time.As well as selling DuWop they will also be selling the long awaited Twilightbeauty range including both the Luna Twilight and the Volturi Twilight collections.

I’ll post soon telling you about the new fall collections.