New M.A.C Collection – Magic, Mirth & Mischief

Hey everyone,

Its here the long awaited Mac Holiday collection,the name is enough to entice you and one you see the collection I think you may be parting with some serious money.

“Magic, Mirth and Mischief is what M.A.C Holiday ’09 is made of! All the sparkle, shine and seduction you need to dazzle and delight, with holiday colour to bring out the mischievous minx in each and every one of you. Have a ball!”

This collection includes:

  • 6 Mineralize eye shadow duos
  • 2 Softsparkle eye pencils
  • 1 Mascara
  • 4 Lipsticks
  • 3 Cremesheen glass
  • 3 Dazzleglass
  • 2 Mineralize blush
  • 2 Nail lacquer
I’ll start at the top of the list first we have rge mineralize eyeshadow duos in 6 new shades,now mineralize shadows are either something you love or hate as Ive said before.Mac has discontinued a lot of the old duos so these are your chance to try them.Mac describes these new duos as: “A Mineralize Eye Shadow consisting of two contrasting colours – the metallic shade cast into the shape of a crescent moon”.The new ones are:
  • It’s a Miracle – Deep blue burgundy and gold crescent
  • Mayhem – Dirty brown gold and silver crescent
  • Blue sorcery – Bright turquoise and silver crescent
  • Under your spell – Light yellow peach pink and rich copper crescent
  • Devil-may-cry – Rich light violet and silver crescent
  • Midnight Madness – Dirty grey brown and gold crescent

Next there are two softsparkle eye pencils and pro lash mascara,Mac describes the eye pencils as soft,creamy pencils with micro-fine glitter.The two colours they come in are:

  • Nightsky – True black with silver pearl
  • Iris Accents – Pale violet with silver pearl
The prolash mascara is part of this collection,the colour it comes in is coal black which is described as honest-to-goodness black.
The four new lipsticks are in a variety of colours and finishes.Mac lipsticks are my favourite to use for every occasion.The colours this collection has to offer are:
  • Pervette – Soft bright pink with violet opalescent shimmer (Glaze)
  • Utter Fun – Fuchsia cherry pink (Lustre)
  • Surprise Me – Mid-tone peach (Lustre)
  • Total Wow! – Blue pink berry (Glaze)
Next we have the cremesheen glass, if anyone tried this from the last collection you must be in love I know I am,the perfect mixture of colour and gloss. There are 3 new colours in this collection which are:
  • Ever So Rich – Sheer lilac
  • Boy Bait – Light neutral beige with pearl
  • Partial Pink – Light creamy yellow pink with light gold pearl
There are also three new dazzle glass shades,I love dazzle glass. The new shades are:
  • She-Zam – sheer silver with silver and red pearl
  • Phiff! – Sheer yellow peach
  • Jingle Jangle – Yellow pink with sapphire pearl
Next there are two new mineralize blush shades which are:
  • Superdupernatural – Mid-tone coral (Frost)
  • Conjure Up – Dirty,mid-tone plum (Frost)
And last of all two new nail varnish shades,which are:
  • $$$$$ Yes – Metallic silver foil (Frost) *This is also a repromote from an earlier collection
  • Lucky Number – Metallic blue pink (Frost)
That is it for the main collection items next post will let you know what boxes and bag/brush holiday items availible.