No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara Review

Like any girl I probably buy too many mascaras, no sooner have you bought one (if you needed it or not) there seems to be about 3 new ones come out at once on an introductory offer. I’ve talked to loads of people about this and it seems no-one can resist getting a new mascara when its on offer. Now the latest one I’ve seen is the No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara – in all honesty I don’t buy No7 make-up as I’ve never seen a product in their range that I’m interested in. I was given this mascara because my friend had it in an offer and as they don’t wear mascara themselves. I thought I’d give it a try.

Now I’ll start with the brush, through the last couple of years the make-up industry has been trying to improve the brush to improve the product and I have to say I haven’t liked many they’ve brought out. We’ve had the comb brush which in my opinion did nothing, no extra length, no volume and no false lash effect. Then we were introduced to the gel/plastic brush with same material bristles and I didn’t find these useful either so I stuck to the normal bristle mascaras I always used. So from that you can tell from that I didn’t have much expectations for this mascara.

All I can say was I was really surprised, this brush is completely different as the gel comb/bristles are very soft and flexible. No clumping, there wasn’t too much of the formula on the brush and the special tip made it easy to do the inner and outer lashes without getting mascara on my skin. My lashes were defined and had plenty of volume without looking like fake lashes. The formula is another factor that makes this mascara special…it actually conditions your eyelashes, after taking off my mascara my eyelashes were silky soft so less damage is a plus if you wear mascara everyday.

So in all this is one mascara you won’t be sorry you bought and if you spend £5 in Boots at the moment you get a £5 money off voucher….