New Site – Its here.


Hey All,

I’ve been promising you all a new site for I don’t know how long but it is finally done. The money, time, sweat and blood…okay maybe not that far has gone into this new design and I couldn’t be happier of how it’s turned out.

Some old links, if you have them saved will not work as all links have been changed for the new design but if you know the name or anything you can search by you can use the search box on the site. Everything has been transferred over and I hope you find the new site a lot more easier to navigate through.

Check the titles to the right for more information on some of the new features and if you see any errors or problems just let me know by commenting on this blog post.




[toggle title=”New Improved Style”]The new style is fresh and clean, easier to navigate through and over all just nicer to use.

We are not finished on it yet there will still be a few changes, but over all this is the direction we are heading in.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Brand new Search”]The old site had a search, but nothing like this one. The new improved search is very quick ad accurate. Just type in what your are looking for and it will list all looks, swatches, blogs and pages that match your criteria.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Reduced Advertising”]We have made a big decision with advertising on the site, and have reduced the viability of the adds greatly.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Archive – Calendar”]We now have a calendar in the footer of the site that will link you too the archive pages for that specific month/day. This should make it much easier for you to find older entries.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Instant tweet”]New entries, will now tweet instantly to twitter completely removing the 30min – hour wait that we had on the old site.

We also now have our twitter feed in the footer of the site, this auto-updates.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Mobile Style”]This site is now using WPtouch style to make browsing on a iphone or other smart phone much easier. This can be disabled in the footer.[/toggle]