Ways to Look Younger Without Breaking The Bank

Many people are looking for ways to look younger these days, surgery isn’t the answer not when if you think looking after yourself will have the benefits you want and a few other little secrets.

It’s already known that eating right, drinking plenty of water and exercising holds many of these benefits but there are other ways to on top of the standard knowledge that can help.

Make-up can be a girls best friend (even sometimes a guys), its more than some lipstick on a night out or some eye shadow and mascara in the morning. It can be like having a magic wand if used right and who doesn’t want a bit of magic.

I’ve put together a few tips to make the most out of your make-up and get the benefits you deserve.

  1. Wash Your Face – Firstly  and I know this may sound simple but make sure you wash your face before applying make-up.  I know you may have washed your face the night before but you need to do this again in the morning. Its more than waking you up, its getting rid of dead skin cells and the oil that has built up on your skin over-night. Once your washed, dried and you’ve applied moisturiser then you can add your primer.
  2. Primer – Now it’s hard to beleive that companies don’t bring out gimmick after gimmick just to make us buy. When I was younger I never used primer I thought it was just another way for companies to make money but its not true when it comes to primer…it makes a difference. Primer for your face can mean the difference between your foundation gliding on on without it showing every bump and flaw.
  3. What Lines? – That’s what you want to say right when your friend is showing you the lines under or at the side of your eyes. Dark bags under your eyes are easy to disguise with a light concealer but what about lines. Beleive it or not there is an answer and for me (yes I have these lines and I’m 25) the answer is Benefit Eyecon which is a brightening eyecream, it fades dark circles and smoothes out fine lines. It’s not cheap at £22.50 for a 14g jar but it works and the jar will last ages.
  4. Break the rules – So you’ve been told that you shouldn’t wear blue eye shadow and that brown makes your eyes pop. Does that mean your only going to wear brown for the rest of your life?. The truth is you can wear any colour you want, you just have to make it work for you. There are rules of what colour suits your eye colour best but its not always accurate if you have say blue eyes with flecs of green. Be adventourus and try something different, even if you do end up taking it off and starting all over again.
  5. It doesn’t always have to be black – Black eyeliner is a must have in every womans make-up bag but it doesn’t always look that great on everyone. For younger generations we can practically use any colour we want, as you get older black can close your eyes off giving the apperance of smaller eyes, so when black doesn’t look that great anymore move on to grey….I know this doesn’t sound as nice but grey is a gorgeous colour to work with. My favourite is Stormy Grey Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil from Rimmel. If this is still a little too dark then browns are the way to go and remember theres always a way to make them work for you.
  6. Use By Dates – No I’m not talking about the food in your fridge, your make up has use by dates or its better said best before dates. I know theres people out there thinking don’t me silly its make-up but thats exactly why I’m saying this. There is usually about a 6 month period for what you buy…look at the tube or the label and you will see 3m or 6m and this is usually the date you should look to use it in and then get rid of it. Why should you pay attention to these labels? becuase at the end of the day you can read the labels but no know exactly whats in them and what kind of reaction it will have with your skin if used after the date it has suggested. Your could damage your skin, most mascaras are only good for 3 months…would you risk damaging your eyes for the sake of a £7.oo mascara. I know I wouldn’t so be vigilant in what your using on your skin and you don’t always see the damage been done.
  7. All White – The quicket and easiet make-up trick to having wide awake eyes all with the simplest of products. There’s 3 things that will do this for you. The first is white eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes, it instantly makes your eyes appear bigger, fresher and more noticible. Second is white eyeliner along your lower lashline this again makes your eyes appear bigger. Then lastly a peachy-ivory colour like M.A.C Eye Shadow – Vanilla on your brow bone.

I will update this list with new tips as and when they come.

Those are a few tips for you and I hope they help with your dilemas.