M.A.C Pro Longwear Foundation, Concealer & Lipcreme

Also to hit the website is a few Pro Longwear products, basically professional products likely to be used on catwalks, photoshoots etc. First up are the foundation and concealer, M.A.C ‘s description:

“In the world of Pro Longwear, Foundation and Concealer carry the show with creamy, medium buildable coverage right through to a flawless, natural finish. Marathon makeup to go, made from micronized pigments to promote the smoothest application and colour purity.”

The concealer comes in 15 shades and it’s stated it last up to 15 hours, lightweight and builds a medium to full coverage with a natural matte finish. It helps to conceal and correct undereye circles, and discolourations. It also comes in a pump glass bottle which makes it easier to dispense. Depending on if the product works for £12.50 I would actually try this so I’m going to try a sample when I next vist the store….if they have it.

The foundation comes in 16 shades and it says gives up to 15 hours wear…in any enviromental condition…now this I would love to test. Lightweight, creamy but with sheer to medium coverage. It controls the oil in your face even in the most humind condtions to keep your look natural and flawless. It’s £22.00 and comes in the usual non-pump bottles. You can buy pumps though from M.A.C if you want them.

Also in this collection are the 190 foundation brush, 195 concealer blush.

As for the Lipcreme here is what M.A.C says:

“Introducing a new generation in Longwear technology. Hours later, lips look just the way you left them in the mirror that morning – luscious, lustrous and fresh, in frost or cream texture with flexible film-former to provide transfer resistance for extended-play passion!”

In the Lipcreme collection there are 12 shades, its said to last 12 hours without a top coat. A lightweight texture with a creamy finish, it wont feather or tansfer. So if you want lips that are soft and hydrated this seems the way to go. At £14.50 its not a cheap lipstick but depending on how much you wear it, it may be the best money you ever spent.