Stress – What To Do?

We all know the disadvantages stress can cause in our everyday lives, it can cause health problems as well as a range of other stressful events. Stress has the same effects on your skin…I know many of you already know this but how many of you out there try to de-stress for the sake of skin and health.

Many of you are probably thinking I can’t afford a luxury spa visit or is this person for real she obviouly doesn’t have a house and kids to maintain….well your wrong and I know how hard it is to fit time into your day for yourself after all their isn’t enough time in the day for everything else as it is. Believe me  I’ve wished for a time device just so I can stop time and have a few deep breaths.

So what do you do?, well you have to find at least an hour (even only half if you can) just to focus on you. Now for you who like reading take a book in the  bath or listen to music while you soak. If you prefer cooking to relax how about trying on a new recipie which isn’t for the kids or cook with your kids. Unbeleivebly there are things you can do to relax that you haven’t even thought of yet.

Now for those signs of stress, tiredness and ageing that are starting to show your face. Sometimes the old ways are the best, ou don’t need to spend £20-£30 on an anti-wrinkle cream. Try a few of these:

  • Cucumber or used teabags on your eyes (closed obviously) to discourage those bags and under your eyes.
  • Once a week (maybe a sunday) use a face mask, their as cheap as 99p and can make a world of difference.
  • Spots? –  Don’t pick them and make sure you clean your hands before touching your face. My touching your face over and over again you are adding germs and bacteria to your face.
  • An easy one – More sleep, the more sleep you manage to get the more time your body has to revitalize before the next day starts…maybe we should go to be at 7pm 🙂
  • Give yourself a manicure, it gives you time to concentrate on you and you may get so good your friends will be jealous.
  • Have one night out of the week where the kids are away and you can fully relax, put your feet up,have your favourite food and book/tv program….theres nothing better.