Younger Skin – It’s all in the protection

I know what your thinking, how can SPF products and other such creams help with your skin. Well many of you already know that the sun ages your skin but obviously the way of protecting it is using sun cream as well as make up and moisturisers with SPF mixed in them.

The astounding news is not many people protect there skin in the winter, even the likes of winter sun can damage your skin. Now I know its a funny thought when you get up on a cold winter day, go about your daily skin routine and then add some sun cream. But it doesn’t have to be quite like that many brands of make up and skin care companies already have products that do just that. You could either have a daily moisturiser cream that has it or everyones personal favourite for winter as it gives you a bit of colour back is tinted Moisturiser.

A new report states because of suncream though we are not getting enough vitamin d into our bodies and suggests going out out for half an hour to an hour before and then applying suncream. I personally don’t like the thought of this as I like my skin protected. Would you go out in the sun without any form of sun protection?

There are a few products I think work well for and heres a quick run down:

  • MAC Prep+Prime SPF 50
  • Benefit You Rebel Lite SPF15
  • Urban Decay – Urban Defence SPF20
  • Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint SPF15
  • E.L.F. ┬áTinted Moisuriser Spf 20

In no way are these better than putting cream on but its better that no protection at all and if you don’t feel that’s enough how about a big floppy sun hat too x