Beauty Boxes: Lux Box (First Box)

Hiya guys,

Its arrived and I am so happy to be reviewing this great beauty box. Product reviews will be coming soon but for now here is what I think about Lux Box so far and what I had in my box. Firstly all I can say is Im astounded by my first box, as a consumer you order these boxes hoping that you’ll get products you want and products you’ll use otherwise in the end it isn’t worth the money your paying for it. Now with Lux Box for me personally its already done that with the first box, its lived up to exactly what I wanted it to be. For me its all about the beauty items that is what I wanted out of this box and with three out of five items been make up related I couldn’t be happier. But the happiness doesn’t stop there as I also get to try the well known Steamcream that everyone is raving about which was a winner in the Beauty Insiders Choice 2010 and a little healing cream which goes a long way.

So here is what I received in the first Lux Box:

  • Steamcream – Natural Moisturiser £12.95 (Full Size)
  • Eldora False Lashes – H129 £4.50 (Full Size)
  • 2 Bm Beauty Eye shadow Mineral Pigments – £7.00 2g (Sample Size 1g) (Aquatic Galaxy & Marble Sparkle)
  • Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream – £20.00 15ml (Sample Size 10ml)
  • MOA The Green Balm – £9.99 50ml (Sample Size)

Here we have a video of the box been opened and the contents been shown: