Review – HD Brows Brow Beater (May GlossyBox)

First product to be reviewed out of my May GlossyBox is the HD Brows Brow Beater. I’ve never used one before my ususal routine with my eyebrows is a comb through and then to fill in any spaces a dark eyeliner or eye shadow. So this been my first product of this kind I can ‘t give you an comparisons but I can give you an honest opinion what I think of it.

A specially formulated lightweight, non-sticky setting lotion that sets unruly brows into place while conditioning them. Brow Beater will also train your brows to grow into a different direction”



  • Light formula
  • No stiff brows
  • Tamed appearance
  • Can be used over eyeliner / eye shadow


  • Brush is very harsh on the skin
  • Don’t like the smell of the formula
  • Need to use finger to smooth formula evenly over brows after applying


Im not sure of the long term effect yet such as it training your brow hairs to grown in a different direction but this is something I can report back on after continued use. Hope this helps you decide if you should give it a go or not.