Patterns for Summer

The summer clothes are hitting the stores and its quite obvious what summers trends are looking to be. Patterns for one are definitely on the rise but so for I see two distinct types which are vintage print and tribal print.
I love this red dress and think its the perfect dress for a summer picnic, not bad for £22

Perfect with nude heels or even red if your going out for dinner, so gutted the ones below where out of my size I think I’m going to have to go hunting for them.

Zebra print seems to be very popular although personally I can’t see why they go to such extremes for some pretty hideous designs. Although I like this bright one for £10

Love the oranges and pinks, not to mention in these colours you would look pretty funky.

Aztec prints are still very popular, I’ve seen so many people with the designs on their nails not to mention on their legs with all the leggings around but this is just not for me… I’m looking forward to it passing…