Where is my JolieBox? (June)

For those of you that have been following my beauty box posts I want to introduce you to a new box at least new to me. JolieBox are one of the most well know beauty box distributors in France. They are known for working with luxury brands such as Benefit and Lancome to name just a few. Known to be a sophisticated brand with great customer service, high end products and having an eye on the next must have product JolieBox is fast becoming every womans must have.

So how does this brand live up to your expectations?, this month their June box is also there birthday boxes and their customers have literaly been at the doorstep waiting for their box to arrive. But this month has seen a few problems even though they sent there dispatch emails out to their subscribers on 21st June by mid week it was clear that something was wrong as only a handful of boxes had actually made it to their customers. Quick to answer their fans on twitter JolieBox assured them their boxes would be with them by the end of the week and if not to contact them directly. Unfortuntley like most beauty boxes the boxes themselves aren’t tracked so JolieBox gives them a fair amount of time to turn up which according to their website is between 3-5 days.

By the end of the week things seemed to have got worse as more and more people were complaining that they were still waiting for their boxes. JolieBox have taken to their facebook page to keep people informed of updates but as their customers are arguing when you pay for something if there is  problem there should be an email not an online social post. The latest development today is JolieBox explaining what seems to have happened, it seems their distributor UKmail mislabelled quite a few parcels and they have been dispatched today. As they say they got the news late on Friday 29th June which meant the problem wasn’t corrected until today.

This has angered a lot of their customers especially the new ones, one of the problems currently been discussed is the next payment is coming up soon (5th July) and how can they decide to carry on with their subscription when they haven’t even had a box yet?. Circulating in discussion currently is how poor a service this is and the way in which they “Found Out” what was happening with something they had paid for.

What’s your opinion?, are they usually better than this and this is a once off?, Let me know I’d love to hear your opinions and experiences with JolieBox.