Balance Me : Moisture Rich Face Cream

I received a sample of this from and since trying their Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream I was looking forward to giving this sample a try. Now that I’ve had the product a couple of weeks I feel like I can give a much better opinion on it and what effect it has had on my skin. I thought this would be perfect for my skin as it tends to be dry through the winter and considering the British weather it hasn’t improved yet even though its now summer.

“A sophisticated, high performance, deeply hydrating daily moisturiser formulated with anti-oxidant Arctic cloudberry and a bespoke blend of exquisite rose oils that leaves the perfect ‘slip’ finish on your complexion. Ideally suited for normal to dry/sensitive skins.”


The cream itself is targeted towards normal/dry skin as well as people with sensitive skin, as soon as you open it to can smell the rose oil. Rose products are one of my favourites so you can imagine how happy I was with the scent of this cream. The texture is quite thick but once applied it doesn’t feel like its caked on, it sinks into skin and in my opinion instantly hydrates. Something else that really makes me feel goof about this product is the ingredients are 99% natural origin and in all honesty that’s good enough for me. Balance Me moisture-rich face cream is advertised as a cream that with create a barrier from the daily wear & tear, this is thanks to skin- boosting, plumping blend of natural but active ingredients.

  • Anti-oxidant rich Arctic cloudberry extract helps to prevent moisture loss and improve skin elasticity.
  • Organic shea butter is blended with vitamins, lipid and essential fatty acid-rich camellia, rosehip and kukui nut oils.
  • Our bespoke blend of rose absolute, rose geranium, lemon and benzoin along with natural source vitamin E, ensures that normal, sensitive and mature skins can benefit from more radiant and rejuvenated looking complexions.
  • Moisture-rich face cream can be partnered with radiance oil for doubled up protection and a super moisture boost.
For such a great product that will last I think this is great, my skin does feel softer, firmer and protected from the elements. I’m going to keep using this until I finish my sample size and then once I finish my other samples I am definitely considering buying this.
What do you think?