JolieBox Here At Last – What Have They Done To My Box?

Hiya guys,

I sent you all an update not so long ago which shows the email sent by UKmail apologising for the problems with our deliveries, you can imagine how happy I was so finally receive my long awaited parcel today.

Happy until I looked at that is. The box has been opened and re-taped, crushed and to top it off it’s soaking wet. Not happy to say the least, this is my first box from them and all I’ve had is nothing but problems, I’m unsure whether I should open it to check the contents or wait until I receive a reply back to the email I sent the. I know the damage isn’t there fault but nothing seems to be going right with this parcel from the moment it got sent out to it arriving here in the state its in. It didn’t need to be signed for but if I had and the condition was like this I would have surely refused it?. As for the fact is soaking wet its not even raining today so why is it so wet that the cardboard box is turning to mush?

I can’t help but be annoyed at this, its something I’ve paid for to its just not acceptable.

Anyone still waiting or had a similar problem?

Update: I have spoken to JolieBox who have sorted out my dilemma my question is what are UKmail trying to do to our parcels?