Late JolieBox Letter from UK Mail

Hiya Guys,

If you don’t go on Facebook that often you might have missed this update by JolieBox on the 4th July, here’s what they had to say:

Good afternoon. We have received an official email from UK Mail business sales manager Diane, who you can contact for further queries at: [email protected]. We hope this message sheds light on this problem for many of you, and we hope that everything will be resolved this week.

“Unfortunately due to a bug within the IT programming which resulted in the original boxes being sent out we were unable to scan as the labels showed as duplicates. However, at this stage the boxes were in a number of our depots up and down the country which had to be re-called to Wellingborough because this bug was identified.

Once all boxes were returned to the originating depot we then organised re-labelling, at our cost, and have now resent into the network for delivery.

Would you please extend our apologies for the frustration and inconvenience caused to both your company and your customers.”

So this is what happened, this is why our boxes were delayed yet 3 weeks later some of us are still waiting, do you think this is good enough?