Me Me Me Cosmetics – Fat Cat Mascara Review

Like every woman I am easily tempted by a new mascara on the market, you walk into a store these days and there is always a new one on the shelf on an introductory offer. Since they have a limited lifespan usually around 6 months on average then you find yourself buying a new one when its time to throw the last away anyway. My latest find is Me Me Me Cosmetics Fat Cat Mascara, I first came across  Me Me Me Cosmetics when I was sent a sample of there Catwalk Shades Nail Varnish in the shade Sensuous in my June GlossyBox. After researching them I realised I had seen some of their products before but before their re-branding but I’d never tried their products before.

Me Me Me Cosmetics describes there Fat Cat Mascara :

“Create lashes full of volume and alluring depth with our best-selling FatCat formula, with whiskered brush giving purrrfect eye catching results every time.”

With a line like that and a very sleek cost of £7.99 I was already half sold but the question is does it live up to the promise of full volume lashes with alluring depth, its rated as a best seller and its been featured it magazines such as More!. I’m hard to please when it comes to mascaras, I hate clumps, silly little brushes and hard to remove formulas so here is what I though of Fat Cat mascara.


Me Me Me Cosmetics lived up to all my expectations, I know that’s a strange thing to hear but here are the Pros of this mascara:

  • Lightweight formula doesn’t feel clumped on my lashes
  • Smudge resistant
  • Easy to remove even after a night out
  • Gives you volume in just 2 applications

I didn’t really see any disadvantages apart from the smell but tell me have you found a nicely fragranced mascara?

This product is definitely worth the money, don’t go out without it x