Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Cream Stick Review

In the June GlossyBox I recieved the sample colours for this Vichy Dermablend product, at first I couldn’t think what I was going to use it for except when I have dark circles but it wouldn’t be worth me buying this product just for that. I already have a product in my make up bag that does that so what else could I test this product on?, after reading the GlossyBox infomation on the product I thought I would try it on a tattoo not that I have any I want to cover but just too see if this product does work.

I tested the 3 lightest shades to see which would match my skin, the colours I tried are:

  • 11 –┬áPorcelain
  • 12 – Opal
  • 13 – Light


The first number 11 seemed to be too light for my skin while, number 13 obviously was too dark when looking at it, this left me with a problem as number 12 was no exact match either. I tried blending some of 12 first with 11 and then with 13 but I couldn’t seem to find a shade that matched my skin. I guess with a lot of patience I could have kept going but there was no need as I wouldn’t buy 3 of these full size products to get the right shade for me. I managed to cover my tattoo to a degree but not entirely I guess I’ll never know how good if would have looked if I’d got the right shade.


The product does cover up so its worth investing in if you do have very bad dark circles, acne,┬áredness or scars you’d like to cover up. It all depends if the product suits your needs and in my case it doesn’t as I just don’t need it.