Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner Review

Before trying this product I had never tried a gel eyeliner before, I had always preferred my trusty liquid eyeliner as I found it easier to use to to get that cats eye flick at the end. I received this gel eyeliner in my May GlossyBox and since it was there I thought it was about time I gave this product a try.

Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner – These intense colour pigment pots will give up to 12 hours lasting wear, for a glossy finish to your essential eyeliner look.

The gel eyeliner comes in a little glass pot and Im shocked with how easy it is to use, it also comes with its own little brush and is perfect for travel. The formula is lightweight with a perfect texture, a nice line in one go without going over the same spot too many times and very easy to apply. I’m not converted as I still love my liquid eyeliner but I will use this whenever I want a more subtle look for a change. I think its worth buying for easy of use and maybe before trying a liquid applicator, a good product for its price.

The Good Points

  • Lightweight Formula
  • Nice consistent Texture
  • Perfect coverage in one swipe
  • Easy to Apply


The Bad Points

  • Not Smudgeproof
  • Not Waterproof