Yon Ka : Pamplemousse – Normal to Dry SKin Review ( June JolieBox )

I received the Yon Ka Paris : Pamplemousse in my June JolieBox, it is available in two versions is a lightweight cream endowed with a splendid scent of citrus fruit alleviates dullness. Its said to enliven, brighten your skin, hydrate and protect from environmental aggressions. The higher concentration of fruit extracts in the normal/oily version works to tighten the pores.

I was actually looking forward to trying this cream as Parisians are very particular about their skincare routines and very particular about the creams they use. I’ve been using this cream now for about a week and I could definitely see myself using it on a permanent basis. The cream itself has a medium texture not as light as some creams I’ve used but also not so thick that it feels like its clogging up your skin. It’s easily absorbed and left my skin feeling soft and supple. To me the fragrance smells like sherbert, if you remember sherbert lemon sweets then you’ll understand what I mean when you smell it.

I haven’t yet found a bad point to this cream, its definitely worth trying, I tried the normal to dry version and it was perfect for my skin but there is also a normal to oily version.