Blazer & Jackets at George

One of the most recent trends I’ve noticed is Blazers and Jackets, when you think of this its hard not to have the image of over-sized unflattering attire but this summer that just isn’t the case. I’ve seen colourful ones as well as the spotty patterned ones (which I have my eye on) and I’m thinking this is the new cardigan or at least it seems to be heading that way. I’ve gathered a few from George that I think are worth adding to your wardrobe for either those chilly evenings or a day shopping with the girls, what do you think?

Of course the spotty one had to go first, this is my favourite and its also available in red.

How about this contrasting trim one, Perfect with a peach pair of jeans or dress.

Perfect jacket to wear with a white dress or cream Capris, full colour.

What do you think of this trend, will you be getting one?